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Lenny Kravitz - All Music Guide


This book that Lenny graces the cover of,
is an absolutely gorgeous view of
beautiful Black men like Michael Jordan,
Will Smith, Jamie Foxx, and Usher (just to
name a few). Beautifully photographed,
this book is sure to not dissapoint...not for
children :-D.
More Body, More Soul - Barnes & Noble
By Duane Thomas

More Body, More Soul - Rizzoli New York
More Body, More Soul

"This book is a visual collaboration of
friendship, in which Mark Seliger, famed
Rolling Stone photographer, has captured
Kravitz on the road, with his family,
performing, with his friends, and often in
the unique fashion that has become
Kravitz's signature style. The book is an
intimate portrait of Kravitz and the first
that offers such "inside" imagery of this
rock performer's world. Seliger's sexy
and intimate photographs in Lenny
Kravitz underscore the energy and appeal
of this singular performing artist"
Lenny Kravitz by Mark Seliger - A Gallery For
Fine Photography
By Mark Seliger

Lenny Kravitz by Mark Seliger - Barnes & Noble
Lenny Kravitz By Mark Seliger
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