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I could not afford those prices because I would also need to get airplane tickets, hotel,

and possibly a rental car. When I added everything up, I just could not afford it. So
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May 13, 2005:

        The day before my Seattle trip I was a nervous wreck, but cool and calm on the exterior. I didn’t know

if I could handle taking a vacation by myself because after all I booked everything all by myself; so therefore

I didn’t know if I had all the paperwork I needed for my trip. But when I put the lock on my suitcase, I knew

there was no turning back. I had to go to Seattle.

Lenny Kravitz
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Photo by David Atlas - (Click on picture for a larger view)
Fast forward to late February 2005:

I was talking to my cousin Teri on the phone and she was like

“are you gonna go to Lenny’s concert?” I was like “well no because

it was postponed and to my knowledge no dates had been announced.” Well she told me that she

just heard about his upcoming tour. So when she told me this I immediately went to Lenny’s website

( and sure enough his tour dates were on there. According to Lenny’s website,

Lenny was going to be playing at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco, but according

to Ticketmaster he was not going to be in San Francisco. I really wanted to see Lenny, but I did not

want to take a chance of missing him. For a few days after my initial view of Lenny’s tour dates

and venues, I debated whether or not I would be willing to travel to see Lenny. Of course the answer

was yes, but my financial answer was no! I checked out ticket prices for Lenny’s Los Angeles and

Las Vegas shows. Ticket prices were $150 and up. Ouch!
unfortunately I came to the sad conclusion that I would not see Lenny

in concert this time. A few days passed and I realized that Lenny had

a show in Seattle, WA. I’ve always wanted to go there because I am a

huge, die-hard overly fanatic Jimi Hendrix fan (I’ll discuss Jimi in full

detail later). The day Lenny’s Seattle tickets went on sale, I checked

out the ticket prices and I realized I had to go to Seattle. But was I

gutsy enough to buy the ticket? I thought about it for two days, and

when I had a conversation with a

family member about wanting to see

Lenny in Seattle, this person told me

“oh well if you go there, you can
So why did I go to Seattle? It’s

complicated, but I’ll try to explain.

I am a huge fanatic die-hard Lenny Kravitz fan.

I have been a huge fan of his since his song “Fly Away”

was released in 1999. Since then I have all of his

albums, and love more than ninety of his songs. In fact

my car seems to drive better when I am listening to

Lenny. Lenny was supposed to go on tour last year, but

due to some personal problems he had to postpone his tour. So yeah I was

a little upset because I wanted to see Lenny, but I figured he needed to work

out whatever his situation was. So knowing that his tour had been

postponed, I really did not think too much about when it would be

Jimi Hendrix
go to the Jimi Hendrix Memorial.” My mind was made up, I was

going to Seattle.  
      As soon as I went home that night I brought a concert ticket.

I could not believe I actually did it because usually I do not go anywhere nor do anything, I just sit at

home had hang out with my computer. With the exhilarating high buying the concert ticket brought

me, I next reserved a hotel room in Renton, WA and purchased airfare online. I really wasn’t sure I

had actually did anything till I checked my bank statement. I kept my trip as a secret because I was

not really sure if I was going to go. But I had this gut feeling I would regret not going.