Finally.....Saturday May 14, 2005: Departure date.

         I got up around five thirty in the morning because I had an eight am flight to Seattle.

Even though I live less than fifteen minutes from the Oakland International Airport, I

wanted to be there early enough to go through security and take care of any last

minute things that may have come up. On my car ride over to Oakland Airport I kept

thinking that I would not be going to Seattle because I had failed to do something or obtain

the necessary conformation numbers I needed for my flight, hotel room and rental car. But I checked

in for my flight with no problems, I went through airport security with no problems, arrived at the Seattle

Tacoma Airport with no problems, and got my luggage in reasonable time considering the Seattle

Alaskan Airline baggage handlers had just went on strike the day before I arrived. Next, my fears

about not being able to get my rental car due to the company not having my reservation were quickly

erased. Less than twenty minutes later, I got my rental car and drove to my hotel in Renton, WA.
        I had absolutely no problems checking in at the hotel, and by one pm that day I was

eating lunch in my hotel room. Knowing that I only had four days and three nights to spend  

in Washington, I had to prioritize my to do list. Before I arrived in Seattle, I determined how

I would best spend my time in the Seattle area. I purchased
Fodor’s City Pack: Seattle’s Best   

book which gave details on Seattle’s top twenty-five sights including the neighborhoods,    

museums, art & architecture, beaches and bike trails, shopping areas, etcetera. I also used Yahoo

Travel’s guide's section on Seattle to determine what to do there. Once I prioritized my list, I decided to

do the following while in the Seattle Area; 1) go to the Jimi Hendrix Memorial, 2) visit Jimi’s childhood

home because he grew up in Seattle, 3) go the Experience Music Project interactive music museum at

the Seattle Center because of a huge interactive gallery/attraction there on Jimi Hendrix as well as

explore the rest of the Seattle Center and 4) see Lenny in concert.