Monday, May 16, 2005: Lenny Kravitz's Concert
Photo by Mark Seliger - (Click on picture for a larger view)
Photo by Mark Seliger - (Click on picture for a larger view)
          Since first hearing "Fly Away" in late 1999, I now have Lenny's eight albums, his concert

DVD, love more than ninety of his songs, and have more than one thousand pictures of him on my

computer. So pretty much I'm a fanatic fan.

I created a Lenny Kravitz scrapbook

filled with Lenny's appearances in magazines

and other forms of printed media like articles

about him. I also tape Lenny's television

appearances so I can watch him again later.

In case you were wondering, (Yes!) I

also do the same for Jimi Hendrix but on

a smaller scale because new Lenny Kravitz media is being created all the time, where as new content

on Jimi Hendrix is rare and limited.   
So after my "Shalondra Presents, Lenny Kravitz 101 A" lecture, let's go to Lenny's concert.

        So how did I become a fanatic Lenny Kravitz fan? Well it all started around December

1999 when Lenny's song "Fly Away" was a huge hit. Before taking a notice to "Fly Away," I

had no clue who Lenny Kravitz was...funny huh!

   Well for Christmas 1999 I got Lenny's album,
5, and as

they say "the rest is history." Not knowing anything about Lenny's

music, I realized I liked his music. When I saw the music video for

the next track off of
5, "I Belong To You," I bestowed myself with

the title, "die-hard Lenny Kravitz fan." Out of all Lenny's music videos,

"I Belong To You" is my absolute favorite Lenny Kravitz music video,

and it is also my favorite Lenny Kravitz slow song.
Photo from the
"I Belong To You" music video shoot.
                                                                                                   Listening to Lenny's album                   
5, as well as my now expanding

                                                                                                   Jimi Hendrix CD collection

                                                                                                   allowed me to openly embrace

                                                                                                   rock music as one of my favorite

                                                                                                   music genres. Lenny and Jimi,

two of the few mainstream black rock artists, are my favorite music artists of all time. I cannot

and will not chose between the two who I like better musically. Doing so would be like

answering the question "which one of your kids do you love the most?" You love your kids the

same, and cherish their uniqueness.
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