Tuesday May 17, 2005: Now It's Time To Say Goodbye To Seattle...
        I had an absolutely wonderful time in the Seattle area. The people here are really nice. The

Seattle atmosphere, coming from a native Californian's perspective, is very relaxed and easy going.

Being in Seattle reminded me of San Francisco because there are tons of steep hills to drive

up and down on. Seattle's weather also reminded me of being in the Bay Area because of the

cloudy skies and mild weather. From what I noticed, at the time Seattle's

weather was pretty much the same as the Bay Area's weather except

for the fact it rains a lot in Washington. The rain that I experienced was not

that bad (but I was only here for four days).

        As I drove along the various stops I made while staying in

Washington, I realized that the air seemed fresh and clean, and that

everywhere I turned it was green (thanks to all the rain). I definitely want

to come back to Washington and stay for a longer time.

I was sad I had to head back home, back to reality...but I kept

reminding myself I was going to see Lenny in concert again the next day.

        So on May 18, 2005 I went to Lenny's concert at the Bill Graham Civic

Auditorium, and once again I got front row (I stood in the same area I did in Seattle), I put my ear

plugs in my ears, I wore a Jimi Hendrix tee shirt with some jeans, I brought my umbrella and

sweatshirt (with a hood on it) because it was raining. But most importantly, I wore my blue flip-flops

because my feet were not interested in any other type of shoe (it was either flip-flops or go

barefooted). My feet could care less that it was cold and rainy outside because all they wanted was

band aids.

        I was not trying to be cute for this concert, I was going for comfort. So I my feet were taped

and bandaged, and I proudly wore my blue flip-flops.

        When Lenny came out I was prepared because I had my earplugs in. The concert once again

was great, and once again Lenny grabbed my hand, and this time I talked to Lenny's guitarist,

Craig Ross, and I was also able to get his autograph on a Lenny Kravitz CD I designed and created.

I had an absolutely fabulous five days (May 14-May 18), five days that I hope to never forget.

         Hopefully you have enjoyed reading about my trip because I certainly loved telling my story. I

hope to take more trips soon so I can continue to post new content on my website. So maybe I'll get

my wish; well I did go to the East Cost (Pennsylvania, New Jersey (Atlantic City), Virginia,

Washington D.C., Delaware, and New York) in late July and Reno and Las Vegas in September. It

may be a while before I post new content because I'm currently out of ideas as for what to do with

this site. We'll see what the future holds for this site, but none the less, thank you for supporting my


For shalondra.com, I'm Shalondra Brown (I know I'm "special")   


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